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[06 Apr 2006|11:20pm]
this week hasn't been the greatest. i got myself into trouble for a few things and i'm not going to mention it. pretty much everyone already knows anyway. oh well. i'm a teenager and this is expected if you ask me. i'm normally not too bad of a kid, so this isn't the end of the world.

tonight my parents let me hang out with tim. i'm so surpirsed. went to terre haute with tim, james, cody, and chris. we went to e-bash. although i'm not a video gamer, i had a lot of fun. :)

yeah, i don't really have much to say because i haven't been able to do much lately. hopefully they let me have some of my freedom back this weekend. i was so scared to ask if i could even go to terre haute with tim tonight. it's crazy.
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Deark Kara McClure, [28 Mar 2006|08:27pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

DEAR Kara McClure <33

Body: You have a cute______.

You make me _______.

You should _______.

Someday I will ______.

You + me =________.

If I saw you now I'd __________.

I would build a _______ just for you.

I would get your name tattooed on my __________.

If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

We could __________ under the stars.

My love for you is like that of ____________.


(P.S. ______________.)


spring break actually turned out pretty good!! =) i spent a lot of time with people that i don't usually get to. i finally got to spend time with andy yesterday! i probably hung out with haley and tim the most though. that was honestly so much fun though. =)

yesterday was kind of bad though... because andy and i tend to get sad together and of course, we did. tim and james were kind of clueless, but eh... time will tell if we will reveal.

i'm also kind of sick right now. i think i'm starting to get the flu and i did something to my lower back and it doesn't feel to great. heh. I'm also sort of upset about prom... i still don't have a date and it's only a little over a month away... </3

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yes! [24 Mar 2006|11:35pm]
spring break officially started today. i woke up around 8 ish and went to evansville with amber and her mom. " hey, you!" "yeah, come over here!" "just a little farther this way!:" yeah, random hot boys like to shout those things. anyway, we got back around 5:30 and i decided that i needed to go back to her house. so, we sat there for a bit and decided to go to jasonville. Funny phone calls with Jeff... then Siler picked us up. Well, amber and i ran down an alley to trents... and then siler picked her, him and i up. we went to linton taco bell and on the way home siler was in a bad mood because he is in love with amber and all of that good stuff and well, he made trent mad because he was driving like an idiot and all of a sudden out of nowhere, trent jumps out of the moving truck. the next thing that i know we hear them yelling at each other and then siler saying, get back in the truck buddy. i'm sorry. five minutes later we were all singing a long to hotel california! it's amazing what friendships mean! lol then he drove us back to my car. i called robert on my way home so that i wouldn't be lonely. i'm finally home... i'm hoping to sneak back out though. gah!
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hmmm [23 Mar 2006|08:56pm]
Last night Haley and I decided to go to Terre Haute and we called some weird people on accident and talked about The Little Tank That Could... not the engine. lol then, we decided that we would circle the parking lot of Old Navy, because we are that fun! Then, I picked up janelle at Conservatory Music. We then went to I-Hop where Lacey and some other people met us to eat. We had a good time, but we accidently made our waiter really mad. Lacey tried to make him happy by drawing on a pancake! It didn't work...lol Oh well. Then after all of that fun stuff Janelle and I stayed the night with Haley and made shoes. It was great. We made brocoli and cheese, oreo cake , and Janelle invented a sandwhich at midnight. This morning Haley and I took her to Boot City to meet Logan so that she could get to school. Boot City = sexy boots!
Anyway, when we got back Haley and I ate breakfast at McDonalds in Sullivan and Amber was there. I went back to Sullivan with Amber later to find my soul mate, but he wasn't working... so now I'm here. haha
Oh yes and fun phone conversations with Josh Kemp!
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broadway look out! [21 Mar 2006|03:50am]
last night haley and i watched rent. i must say that it was amazing! we totally went out and danced on broadway and sang! ( she lives on braodway street ) haha. anyway, we conducted a small musical to perform for her mom on her birthday today... which we didn't end up performing, but pretending was fun. anyway, today is the first day of spring break and i've sat at home all day besides for taking my mom to work and picking her up because her car sucks... so if anyone wants to hang out, please let me know!
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you and me a little different, though we tried to stay the same... </3 [06 Mar 2006|06:43am]
[ mood | crushed ]

my mouth still isn't completely healed. i think that one of my front teeth is going to end up falling out or is going to have to be taken out because it is extremely loose.

i've been trying to find a prom date for the past 2 weeks... no luck.

chelsea, andy, kylee, and i went to the game last night. that was a nice trip. afterwards chelsea and i went to hymera and went to a party at aaron's. it was fun! haha we must do that again. we didn't get home until around 4. my dad is awesome when it comes to letting me have freedom.

i'm updet again though. i don't know how i always manage to ruin the good things in my life, but i do.

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[28 Feb 2006|08:55am]
well, saturday i got hit in the mouth with a golf ball and it knocked some teeth out and broke the bottom of my nose and fractured some bones above my mouth. my friend eric did it. he didn't mean to. i had to go to the er and then i had to wake up and go to the dentist to get surgery sunday morning and i had to go back this morning. i look disgusting. haha like a dirty hillbilly (sp?) i have to go back on march 9th and get a fake tooh put in.
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it always burns [22 Feb 2006|05:36am]
[ mood | creative ]

things are good for a while and then they go down again.
but no matter what i'm determined to never let myself get as down as i was less than 5 months ago. even if some people don't see any difference in me from the way i was then, i sure notice and the people that i've talked to about it have noticed. i just feel better about things. even when i'm done, it's never as bad as it was. i just have more hope for the future and i really don't need some of the people that bring me down. i'm so much better than some of the people that make me feel so small. i know that i am. i just need to work on making myself move on.

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yay [16 Feb 2006|06:27am]
i have livejournal back!!
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maybe the last time [08 Feb 2006|02:18pm]
this may be the last time that i update on here because my at home computer willnot allow me on this site for some odd reason... so this will either be my last time or i won't update often. i have myspace though if any of you have that
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ahhh [05 Feb 2006|09:51pm]
i got my new computer on friday night... for some reason it won't let me check my friends page or my actual page. so, i'm really sorry that i haven't been reading/commenting on anyone's posts. i will try to figure out this problem.

anyway, i went to the movies with andy and amber tonight. we saw annapolis. i'm really sad right now. today was just an eye opener.
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long time [03 Feb 2006|02:01pm]
I don't update too often anymore. my dad and i are going to look at new computers tonight... so maybe that will change! :)

it's so pretty outside today. i love warmer weather! i cannot wait until summer.

i really haven't been able to do much lately because of my english reasearch paper. it's finally over now nad i feel like i have my life back. this weekend should be amazing. <3
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ba ba ba da! [25 Jan 2006|05:17pm]
i went bowling with robert, danielle, and anthony tonight. that was great. then we went to mcdonalds and payed for all of our food in quarters and two dollar bills. :)

errr here's a song i wrote the other night.

"Bring You Out Alive"

I guess it's because he sees the things
that other people don't.
He sees the other side of me that I don't tend to show.
But maybe I was desperate.
Maybe I was scared.
But I believe he'll being me out alive.
For kill me, he wouldn't dare.

- But you don't just pray and hope it will go away.
It's there.
It's there. -

* And that blood puddle on the floor is the part of him that's drained from you.
CAn you see your reflection through the deepest of colors?
And those scars that keep you alive are the reasons to why,
he'll always bring you out alive.
He'll always bring you out alive. *

I guess it's because he smiles
the way that other people don't.
He flaunts those pretty eyes
at me that tend to choke.
But maybe I was terrified.
Maybe I was lost.
But I believe he'll bring me out alive.
For the sake of me is at cost.
"bridge" ( chorus )"2x"

His eyes told me
I'm afriad you'll have to leave
the very part of me that makes you bleed
before blood turns into angels wings and you depart from me.
Because that blood puddle on the floor is the part of me that you can't make go away.
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i have a habit of decomposing.... [22 Jan 2006|07:10pm]
i don't really know the words to explain this weekend.
i went to the game on friday.
i took haley and chelsea brown.
it was pretty fun. elissa and i talked, which made me happy.
we haven't talked in a really long time.
yesterday haley, amber, josh k, amber, danielle o, joe, and eric went to terre haute. we at at tgi fridays. you know that was interesting.
then we went to imperial and bowled. rachel and kyle smith met us up there. it ended up turning into a little argument so robert picked danielle, rachel, haley and i up.
then haley came back to my house and spent the night.
we were sad for a while, but it go SO much better around 1:30 a.m.
today i have hung out with haley for the most part.
good times... but i'm starting to get sad again.
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i like mud [16 Jan 2006|08:02pm]
Saturday night was fun. I went to homecoming and then left with Amber and Joe for some I-Hop. It was fun. Then we went over to Ryan and Shaggy's and had a sleepover. Good times. lol <3

Last night Haley and I took a drive out in the country and had one of our nightly talks. I love talking to her. It always makes me happy.

I got the Hawthorne Heights dvd yesterday too. I haven't watched it all yet, because I've been working so hard on the english paper and have been completely worn out from it.

Amber, Chelsea and I went to Sullivan after school. Chelsea likes to burp really loud in public while some douche talks about Horses being hung like Chuck Norris and not the other way around. Ummm.. yeah?

Amber and I took her four-wheeler and went mudding. I can't see my clothes... haha it was fun.

Now we are working on our english AGAIN!
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Another little dream that i had [12 Jan 2006|06:46pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so the past few days have been pretty good. i can't complain, really. school has been kind of tough lately, but this weekend will make up for it. i'm looking forward to the homecoming game. even though last year was amazing, it's okay. i know that after the game and we all go to terre haute for some i-hop and being hobos, it will be so much fun.

haley and i went on a walk tonight because it felt so great outside. i can't wait until the sun decides to shine again. i love warmer weather.

i wrote this the other night :

"Everytime It Would Rain"

Did the river ask you for a kiss?
Was that the reason you've done this?
With you so far away
I pray that someday
the image of you on your last day
will depart from my memory.

*Maybe the earth wasn't big enough,
for dreamers like you to dream.
You said you only wanted happiness,
and now you're there. ( and now you're there. )
And everytime that it rains,
I remember your smile.
You use to sing by the window pane,
yeah, everytime it would rain.*

Did you do this for yourself?
Was it for someone else?
Only you and heaven know.
With you so far away,
I pray that someday,
the rain will form again
so you can sing.
(chorus) "2x"

Do you suppose you are less to me than before?
Faded into the clouds,
there's no point in asking questions now.
No point in asking questions now...
You are gone.
(chorus) "1x"

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ahhh! [08 Jan 2006|04:39pm]
yesterday was so much fun with kaylee, johnathon and andy. after a random trip to k-mart and seeing hostel, we hung out with greg at wal-mart. good times with camping supplies. anyway, after that kaylee and i decided to show them the "haunted train track" well, the only time a train has crossed the track was when kaylee and i went over it the last time. well, we didn't even think it would be fun last night, but we wanted to show them the track in the back of the woods anyway. well a train crossed. we all screamed bloody murder. i seriously almost had a panic attack. so, here we are in the back of the woods screaming and watching the train. kaylee and i couldn't believe it was happening again. then andy mentioned the time and kaylee and i turned pale. it was the exact same time as the last time! so much happened that it wasn't even funny, nor is it really explainable.

all of that makes me happy to be alive right now.

i was watching a movie today and for some reason it reminded me of the time that i went to church came back in the summer of 2000 and my cousin jessica told me that while i was gone my dad had said " man, i don't know what i'm going to do all week without my little buddy ". that made me really sad... he would never feel that way now.
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The first of many [05 Jan 2006|09:22pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

This afternoon was amazing. I'm extremely happy that my mom called me and asked me to look for inventions to Trey's Birthday party, because if she had never called, then Haley would have never found that wonderful book.

I know that I'm often saddened by many things, but I'm really trying to improve. People will get sad. It's only human. I just need to remind myself that it's OK to smile. <3

I'm thankful for everyone that is in my life , who has ever been in my life, and them any people who will be in my life.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. So, if the sun doesn't shine for you on a particular day, it's because the weather called for clouds. If it's sunny on a day that you're not up for it, it's because someone from Alaska visited and needed the warmth. :)

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